With over 30 years experience as a lawyer , in Melbourne, Australia, primarily in commercial matters, as a nationally accredited mediator:-

• I look beyond the law in finding out what the parties are really arguing about;  it is surprising how many times I have heard the words “I did not realise…”

• I understand power imbalances and the costs of litigation; I know that that does not mean the stronger party will necessarily win or overwhelm, and that in any given dispute there are multiple hidden agendas

• I work for myself, giving me a greater freedom to negotiate a reasonable fee

• I have lived in several countries, and with ethnic sub-groups, so I am aware of cross-cultural considerations, even within the same group.  It is thus most necessary to spend the necessary time to make sure everybody is on the same page

• I realise that each party emotionally considers themselves to be right.  For a settlement to be effective – and not just agreeing reluctantly to a monetary figure – the parties must move from their entrenched positions to objectively consider what is really in their best interests so as to be able to move on with their lives

• I also realise that not every mediation settles the litigation. In such a case, a successful outcome, i.e. the mediation achieving something considering the costs and time, will be achieved if:

  • the parties walk away truly understanding where the other party is coming from, and
  • what other alternatives can be still considered, and
  • why they are still continuing to fight

• I use a new method to maximise the chances of a settlement and to ensure each party is happy with the outcome of mediation.

To find out more about my method of mediation please visit my Worldview Mediation™ and Silver Lining Mediation™ page.